Automation and AI: The Modern Day Workforce

AI and automation are the products of modern technology and while it can be entirely different systems from one another, it does have the capability of combining both to maximize its potentials in the modern workplace.

Artificial intelligence has been dominating the IT consulting and solutions industry as it is designed to mimic human rational thinking.The manufacturing industry, on the other hand, has been counting on automation for a number of years to carry out operational functions such as assembly lines. Automation has also been seeing varied applications in marketing and advertising, from sending marketing emails to customers or an application that lets you program your air conditioning system to change settings at pre-programmed times or conditions throughout the day.While AI simulates human thinking and automation as a software application the follows pre-programmed commands, the workplace has been benefitting from the integration of both processes to revolutionize the workplace.

Customer service:
By 2022, technology experts believe that 80% of companies would be relying on AI-driven automation for their businesses.           IT support companies are expected to meet this demand for providing IT support services and solutions to most of the workplaces as automation is expected to enhance productivity and reduce human workload.In the retail sector, most of the processes will be run by AI-driven automation, including customer service channels. Experts believe that these automation concepts are expected to enhance customer experience with deep-learning processes to enhance issue resolution and avoid errors.

Administrative functions:
The work desk will soon be clear of paper and folders that pile up.  AI-driven automation is now being customized to provide efficient and rapid workloads by reducing the risk of human error in critical processes. Back-end office functions such as accounting, payroll, and records management are being done by similar integrated processes to free up human personnel to focus on core business functions.

Military and peacekeeping applications:
Many highly-developed countries around the world are continually researching and developing AI-driven automation in dense and peacekeeping efforts.Using smart robots, military establishments have been using AI-driven robots to clear mines in war-torn areas. The main purpose is to minimize or even eliminate human casualties in conflict areas.The automation and AI applications are endless, all of which are aimed at making the workload easier and convenient for humans.